Friday, February 10, 2017


So, Johnny and Col. Will go to a Neko Case concert at the Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland. Will had never seen the incredible Ms. Case live and really wanted to go along so off Johnny and Will set for Cleveland from Ypsilanti. Got down early, had some dinner and some beers before the show and really had a great time at a fantastic show. There are actually videos of Johnny and Will at that show on the YouTube from that night pretty clearly visible in the crowd. Good luck lil researchers.

On a sidenote, as good as the evening was and the show was better, at the time Johnny drove a Chevy Cadavalier and the entire left axle pieces and parts gave up the ghost driving on the I-80 home that night. Hadn't even made it out of Cleveland. Johnny had the car towed to a fix it shop and paid for Will's hotel room that night. $700 later we were on our way home but with a grand story.

Neko Case bringing the memories flooding back with a song Will liked, a cover of Loretta Lynn's 'Rated X'

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