Thursday, July 27, 2017

3 more Jersey City cops plead guilty -- friends it's a pipeline

Trying not to spend too much time on this (again) today but three more disgraced police officers from our fair city have pled guilty in the stand around cases where they claimed hours they didn't work, and or didn't pay the IRS on the money they got and or didn't cut the city in on their portion of this ridiculous program. Welcome to the Jersey City Desk wall of shame bad actors James Cardinali, Christopher Ortega and Victor Sanchez. Book 'em Terrence:

Cardinali was in charge of assigning off-duty jobs in the south district, where Ortega and Sanchez also worked.

Cardinali admitted today that he allowed companies to operate without off-duty officers present. He also admitted he approved phony vouchers to the city to make it appear as if officers worked sites they hadn't and accepted cash from the companies and officers who benefited. Ortega and Sanchez, who also worked in the south district, both admitted accepting money for work they never performed.

Funny nobody's going to jail for actually pulling on-duty cops off-duty to get to these stand around jobs.

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