Monday, July 10, 2017

So, the "Summer of Hell" began this morning

The Amtrak tear down and rebuild of many tracks and supporting material began in earnest today and commuters were faced with new, convoluted and in many cases baffling changes to their daily commute into and out of NYC and the surround. Many experts and teevee pundits are convinced the end is nigh and this will be nothing but daily misery.

Johnny begs to differ.

People will find their new routes and it'll become old hand as others find theirs. Sooner rather than later people will settle back into routines and trouble spots will present themselves soon. Those can be addressed and or worked around. When I-96/I-275/M-14 in the Detroit area was closed off, which is closing off an entire heart valve to and from Detroit's west siiiiiide, people adapted and experts were surprised how quickly the doom of Old Valyria that was predicted faded away. Johnny thinks the same will happen here.

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