Thursday, July 6, 2017

Just going to leave these numbers right here

Johnny's in a rush tonight but had to hare this important article by Terrence T. McDonald as he takes a good look at the four years of Steve Fulop and his history of abatements and taking a look at as Johnny has said, Councilman Fulop would hate Mayor Fulop. Johnny also pointed out over a year ago that Fulop's term economically pretty much felt like another Healy term. The count?

In Healy's first full term as mayor, the council approved 52 abatements lasting 10 or more years, 21 of them Downtown. Under Fulop, the council has approved 43 abatements, 14 Downtown.

Mmmmmhmmmmm. Not that big a difference with still another few months left. There is so much good reporting at this link, go get your learn on.

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