Monday, July 31, 2017

Case of Pennsylvania "anti-drug crusader" with a van full of weapons in Holland Tunnel ends with guilty plea

John Cramsey, East Greenville, Pa, pled guilty to two charges after being arrested last year driving through the Holland Tunnel on some kind of self-proclaimed rescue mission, with quite the cadre of weapons, including:

Police said they seized a 12-gauge shotgun, an assault rifle with high-capacity magazines, five handguns, including some that were loaded, and a pair of knives, police said.

The two others arrested in the Tunnel along with Cramsey, Kimberly Arendt 29, of Lehighton, Pa., and Dean Smith, of Upper Milford, Pa., were admitted to a pre-trial program for first-time offenders and agreed to testify against Cramsey if his case went to trial.

Look, we understand Cramsey is mad and damned mad at the heroin trade as involvement with it ultimately took the life of his daughter. We're glad he's an activist in the cause. We truly wish him well but you simply cannot bring an A-Team van of weapons through the Holland Tunnel on your way to a halfway house in Brooklyn to possibly shoot your way in and out to rescue a girl who may or may not be at that address. That's why we have SWAT teams and police. Cramsey gets a lesson in what not to do but more importantly it didn't spin out of control in a shootout where the penalties would have taken him and his cohorts away from trying to help people for a far longer time.

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