Thursday, September 28, 2017

If you've never heard of the The Disparity and Inclusion Advisory board get in line

If you can find that line. Veteran Jersey Journal reporter Earl Morgan had some difficulty finding out, well, anything about the mysterious board and when it meets and what it's doing. Now, Jersey City Councilwoman Joyce Watterman chairs the The Disparity and Inclusion Advisory board but she told Morgan she couldn't discuss the board with anyone but the Labor Committee chairman.

Sure, sure. Of course she couldn't tell Morgan anything about the group, nobody in the administration can. Meetings are kept secret if they're even held at all (who knows). Morgan does know who is on the board, that's not such a mystery, more of an ethical hand grenade:

If that wasn't bad enough, several other members of board are inclusion office employees. How can the board provide oversight if some board members' paychecks could be imperiled should they voice or dissent from their bosses' point of view?

It's a great question Earl, please do tell us if anyone, Watterman, Fulop, Morrill or even the Labor Committee Chairman ever deigns respond.

It's your tax money Jersey City, but Joyce Watterman sure doesn't seem to view it as such.

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