Saturday, September 30, 2017

Late night open thread

The Eighth Wonder of the World, THE Saturday Night Scoreboard Show! Who's ready to make fun of losing teams? Mr. Stay Puft?

Georgia 41
Tennessee 0
Butch Jones arriving at work tomorrow

Louisville 55
Murray State 10
Anyone else wonder why all the stadium food vendor jackets today said FBI on the back?

Michigan State 17
Iowa 10
Quite a few Iowa seniors went to East Lansing hoping for revenge for their devastating 2015 Big Ten title game loss to Sparty. They'll get nothing and like it

James Madison 20
Delaware 10
James Madison, first in war, first in peace, first in the CAA

Lafayette 10
Holy Cross 7
Lafayette now leads the Patriot League at 1-4 overall.

Stanford 34
Arizona State 24
Bryce Love ran for 301 yards and 3 TD's for The Cardinal and the ESPN headline said he "helped" in the win. No, he was a TRUE Mr. Helper, right Sam?

Western Michigan 55
Ball State 3
They were dodging Amtrak's on the way over to Waldo's Tavern early in the third quarter tonight in Kalamazoo

Georgia Tech 33
North Carolina 7
This will be rectified come basketball season, and how

Troy 24
LSU 21
We held up the entire show tonight to see if LSU would finish flying the plane into the hill. BLAMO! Somehow this is Les Miles' fault

The Jersey City Desk Game of the Week®
Juniata 42
McDaniel College 41
Talking about a little of that can do attitude Mike Damone spoke of in Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Juniata's toes are still tapping after they decided they just didn't want to play a second overtime and went for two in the first OT, got power up, and beat the Terrors. Seriously, McDaniel's nickname is Terrors, that's awesome. Juniata players may now loot and pillage the greater Huntingdon, Pennsylvania area for the next 24 hours

Also tonight, a quick note of condolence to Purdue fans who lost Joe Tiller, their all-time winningest coach yesterday. He was the one to haul the B1G offenses forward into the 2000's, and a good man. 

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

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