Friday, March 11, 2011

Anybody buying into this Spectra Energy advertising drivel in Jersey City?

Didn't think so.

These Spectra Energy ads trying to hoodwink Jersey City residents about how magnificent this dangerous gas pipeline they want to make money on, by putting YOU at risk, come off as clownish. Jobs Jobs Jobs they promise and yet make NO promise who those jobs will go to. Are a smattering of possibly outsourced jobs worth what happened in California where an entire section of San Bruno was leveled by a 'safe gas pipeline' supplying jobs to locals? People actually had to wake up running away from their homes as the gas pipeline incinerated home after home after home. A fire chief in San Bruno said the neighborhood looked like "a moonscape".

Can Spectra Energy guarantee this won't happen here? No, they can't. They don't even TRY to address it. They just try dangling job carrots from sticks on teevee thinking Jersey City residents are some kind of mule looking to get fed.

Sorry Spectra Energy, we're not buying the danger you're selling.

Video from the San Bruno gas pipeline horror:


Stephen said...

Here, here!

Check out these two articles on which take aim at Spectra's "jobs" claims. They fail to mention that these are "job years" -- in Spectra's world, a job that lasts for two years is two jobs -- and not to mention that these are temporary jobs.

Johnny Action Space Punk said...

Thanks Stephen! Their ads are just glossing over OUR danger to promote THEIR profit