Thursday, March 10, 2011

Of news roundups and tidbits

*Hats off to Rutgers head basketball coach Mike Rice for taking the high road yesterday afternoon after sloppy, LAZY and unprofessional referees screwed Rutgers out of a chance to beat St. John's. There are bad calls that happen but indifferent referees (Jim Burr, Tim Higgins and Earl Walton should NEVER be allowed to referee ANY Big East games again such was their epic fail) should not be a part of the NCAA college game. Rice taught his team a valuable lesson in losing with grace yesterday.

*The Jersey City Council last night unanimously approved a $477 million 2011 municipal budget that city officials say will come with no municipal tax hike.

*Both Jersey City and Bayonne are pretty sure they will not have the same drunken and out of control St. Patrick's parades that plague Hoboken yearly.


sportsfan1981 said...

That was a crazy ending to the Rutgers-St. John's game! The officials definitely messed up, but one or even two mistakes shouldn’t ban them from working NCAA tournament games. I thought Rutgers coach Mike Rice handled the situation with a lot of class. Most coaches at any level of basketball would have gone ballistic if similar circumstances occurred. At least the officials’ errors didn’t occur during the national championship game though. That certainly would have caused a massive uproar from players, coaches, and fans.

Johnny Action Space Punk said...


I was just REALLY disappointed they all just ran away. I mean by the time the Rutgers player was pointing to where St. John's ran out of bounds they were halfway down the tunnel.

I've had some experience as a high school umpire and I've been an baseball softball sanctioned umpire for decades and what I saw was complete indifference to the kids. That can't happen.

Hopefully now that those officials have dropped out of this year's tourney they'll get some 'coaching' and can learn from their utter failure.