Wednesday, March 30, 2011

NYC 's overpriced drinkslingers at the Darby now charge $2 for ICE

That's right, a $2 upcharge for an on the rocks drink. We get that Manhattan bars charge more for drinks. A Grey Goose vodka at the Darby is $13. We get that. But recently a patron noticed on his bill that an extra $2 was added for a drink on the rocks. Stunning.

Of course Patrick Robertson, general manager at the Darby tried to slough it off in the most horribly arrogant way we can think of. He said everyone does it AND:

"Clearly, this person doesn't go out much and doesn't know how things work," he said.

Ooooooooo, everyone smell Patrick Robertson, he thinks because they claim to give a bigger pour in a rocks drink vs a neat drink, he's Mr. Cool in trying ham handedly to blunt the criticism. So let's check Mr. Robertson's claim that this is the way things work:

*Audrey Saunders, the mixologist behind the Soho cocktail mecca Pegu Club, was simply appalled at the idea of charging for ice. Shame on any other bar/restaurant that actually subscribes to such a practice. Not only would we – NEVER - do such a thing, but NO reputable bar ever would either."

*Joe Santos, a manager at the Tribeca nightlife staple The Odeon said that he'd never heard of charging more for a drink served on the rocks. We charge the same for a drink whether it's served neat or on the rocks," said Santos. "A drink served up, like in a martini, yes, we charge more."

*"We get our ice from Okamoto Studios," Dutch Kills bartender Zachary Gelnaw-Rubin said. "It's crystal clear, no bubbles or impurities. It's hand-cut in a way that doesn't dilute the drink or alter the flavor." Yes, SPECIALTY ICE with NO upcharge.

Oops. Looks like Mr. Patrick Robinson is wrong. Maybe HE needs to get out more often and see how the city REALLY rolls.


Trixie Junior Space Punk said...

When they have to put the Darby on ice because this lunk-headed decision drives away customers, do you think they'll charge themselves $2?

Johnny Action Space Punk said...

Lunk-headed, classic lol