Friday, October 28, 2011

HAIL!! The Statue of Liberty is 125 today

Jersey City's own most famousest of monuments, the Statue of Liberty is 125 today (that's a LOT of candles) and plenty of big events are planned for Liberty Island, Ellis Island and fireworks out in New York Harbor tonight by Macy's. helps move things along with their list of todays events:

Kicking off today’s ceremonies at 8:45 a.m. will be the Naturalization Ceremony, which seeks to honor the millions of U.S. immigrants who were first welcomed to America by Lady Liberty.

“Some 125 immigrants from more than 40 nations, including Albania, China, Italy, Haiti, Croatia and the Dominican Republic, will become U.S. citizens in honor of the statue’s symbol of enduring hope since 1886,” Ahern said.

A National Park Service ceremony will begin at 10 a.m., featuring a talk by U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar and performances by various singers and actors.

At roughly 7:45 p.m., to close the 125th anniversary, Macy’s Fireworks will ignite the autumn skies with shells and umbrellas of light from two barges, as well as from Liberty Island itself, officials said.

The fireworks will be accompanied by the original score, “Gift of Light,” written by Grammy-award-winning composer Doug Katsaros, and Emmy-winning lyricist/Macy’s creative director William Schermerhorn.

A simulcast of the closing ceremony will be carried by 1010 WINS radio.

Now, tomorrow the Statue itself will be closed for up to a year for some badly needed improvements. The Ellis Island and Liberty Island buildings will be open to the public, but not Lady Liberty ("Moose out front should have told you...").

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Rahul said...

The statue is made of Bronze, but long exposure to the elements has resulted in the weathered, greenish-gray appearance it now has. The statue was finished in 1883 and on July 4, 1884 was presented as a gift to the united states. The statue was brought to Bedloe's Island in June of 1885, and assembled in 1886, and public unveiling was held on Oct 28, 1886.