Saturday, October 8, 2011

Rutgers football gameday!

It's the game of the century of the week for the Scarlet Knights today in Piscataway. The 3:30 kickoff vs. Pitt is for first place in the Big East.

Look, Rutgers while garnering a 3-1 record still has some issues. The kicking game isn't right just yet, though San San Te made the critical must have kicks last week at Syracuse. The running game is abysmal and QB Chas Dodd is still making some questionable decisions with the ball. Until the offense and special teams get it right the defense will have to carry Rutgers in conference play. The defense was stout last weekend to be sure. They'll have to hold Pitt to under 20 today we feel. Stopping Pitt's top notch RB Ray Graham would be a big starting point. Graham is already pushing 800 yards rushing this season. If you limit Graham on first down and hold him to minimal rushing yards then Rutgers defense can turn up the heat on Pitt QB Tino Sunseri. Sunseri likes to dink and dunk his way up and down the field because he has a real interception problems throwing downfield. Stop the run and get a leg up not just int he game but in the conference race.

A big game today for Mohamed Sanu and the Scarlet Knights win it late.

Our fearless forecast:
Rutgers 24
Pitt 17


Johnny Action Space Punk said...

This Rutgers defense is actually in a position to steal a game. If only the Rutgers offense can put together ONE TD drive in the second half they could win this one

Johnny Action Space Punk said...

Oh and those black helmets look like skateboard helmets, lose those

Sandy said...

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Johnny Action Space Punk said...

Thanks Sandy, I especially liked the grass fed beef tip