Friday, October 14, 2011

McGinley Square redevelopment is a go

Wednesday night (we're timely aren't we?) the Jersey City Council unanimously approved the plan that will bring bowling alleys, restaurants, businesses and other commercial shops to McGinley Square. Unlike the first proposal that so many found insulting where the city would resort to eminent domain to take what they didn't want to pay for, this plan does not allow for eminent domain use.

We sure hope this plan works. Too often city officials are eager to do something, anything to make the city look like it's moving forward. Taxpayers pay through the nose for things like this and nothing ever comes from it.

Here's hoping it's all done in 5 years and showing benefit in 10.

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Jimfavreur said...

Here's hoping everything goes according to plan. I live in hamilton square jersey city so I am not too far from McGinley Square. Thanks for the great info and article.