Thursday, October 6, 2011

R.I.P. Steve Jobs

As a Mac-o-phile since 1985, Johnny was saddened to hear of Steve Jobs' passing last evening. Johnny never owned a Windows PC and once quit a job before it really got started because he was going to be forced to use one. He's been a Mac guy all his life and the handful of computers that pop up like mushrooms around the Jersey City Desk offices are all Macs. Call it blind allegiance if you want to, Johnny simply calls it a great-gui kind of thing.

Rest well Steve, rest well. At least for one person you've made computing a wonderful endeavor.


Jim McKee said...

I've always said, Macs are computers for people who don't really like computers.

Johnny Action Space Punk said...

I just think we like different computers. They both work, they'll both function just fine and in 97% of cases run what you need to do your job. I'd liken it to Coke vs Pepsi, at some point most people choose one and stick with the brand. You never know how you really picked it, probably great exposure at home to one and maybe trying the other at a friend's house.