Sunday, November 27, 2016

Giants football GAMEDAY!

So, is the Giants game today on the shores of Lake Erie at the Factory of Sadness vs the 0-11 Browns a tasty helping of Thanksgiving leftovers or a hand grenade disguised as a piece of pumpkin pie? Sure that 0-11 Browns record looks like a tasty meal, at home or on the road, the Browns are inept everywhere. However, only two NFL teams have gone winless in the Super Bowl-era. Actually, before their loss to the Steelers a week back some computer sports group put out odds the Browns only had a 20% chance to lose ALL their games. This seems to be telling us that yes, indeed, there is a hand grenade aspect to today's game. If the Giants lose to an 0-11 team in basically what should be a free win, one wonders how that plays out over the past month of the season. Does everything go into the toilet?

Relax, Johnny's been a Browns fan forever and you Big Blue fans have nothing to worry about. Do you have serviceable, ne, good wideouts? Well then Eli Manning should carve up a suspect Browns secondary like cake. The Browns offer little to no pass rush, Eli should have all day to make things look good on the offensive side of the ball. The Browns can't stop the run either so make sure to throw some ball control in there too. Defensively the Giants will be going up against one of many Browns QB's; Is RGIII back? McCown? Kessler? Kosar? While they can't run the Browns can pass a little and have two actual NFL-caliber guys who catch what gets thrown, Pro Bowl TE Gary Barnidge and breakout former OSU QB Terrell Pryor. Pryor is a big target and strong, capable of breaking tackles. This IS predicated on the idea the Browns QB's have any time to throw the ball. Why do the Browns start so many quarterbacks? They all get ground up by the opposing pass rush. The Giants front four should have a field day.

Yeah, not too much to worry about today G-Men fans, unless they start fumbling the ball, Eli decides to play blindfolded, they drop punts or get lost before the game and head over to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Fearless Forecast:
New Jersey Giants 31
Cleveland Browns 13

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