Thursday, November 3, 2016

Jersey City truly has one of the most irresponsible police forces anywhere -- UPDATE

You all know the facts. You know the JCPD's history with illegal steroids, changing grades on tests, faking time sheets, not paying taxes on sketchy stand around jobs they solicit at construction sites, and of course, drunk driving. We have yet another case of the JCPD circling the wagons, and Mayor Steve Fulop doing nothing when Jersey City Police Lt. Robert Kearns, president of the Jersey City Police Superior Officers Association, as well as an ally of Mayor Steven Fulop, appeared to drive recklessly down John F. Kennedy Blvd. after leaving a bar in North Arlington, NJ. Just drove down the street KNOWING a professional courtesy ride was waiting if anything unexpected happened.

The JCPD drives drunk, they give out "professional courtesy" rides (Question, what IS the courtesy being offered? Teaching the cop in question drive drunk all you want, you got yer back, Jack?) and once again, Mayor Steve Fulop shows absolutely no moral core whatsoever in dealing with the issue. He fires people in departments he doesn't like yet he protects allies. Vincent Corso in Robbinsville? Fulop said boo. He was all-too quiet when his city ciuncil ally Chico Ramchal was tagged with a DUI while in a county vehicle after faking time sheets. While certainly not approaching anything even close to DUI, Fulop covered for an obviously inebriated Brooke Hansson a few years ago after a profanity-laced tirade towards certain Jersey City residents. How drunk and embarrassing, and how many times to JCPD officers get to put the public's safety at risk before the mayor shows a spine? Go watch this video and the excellent reporting by Michael Shurin at Real Jersey City.

This really just guts Johnny as he's mentioned here before a victim of a drunk driver, to look at these cops around town. Shameful. They really aren't up to the level residents are paying for and expect.

UPDATE 7:21pm -- Mr. Shurin has been kind enough to allow us to also post his video. It truly is a must see Jersey City Desk readers.

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