Monday, November 28, 2016

The Port Authority is paying PATH employees overtime to sleep

You wanna complain to their supervisor? He's sleeping on that desk over there. 

This is horrifying, people. PATH tells us they need to close tunnels on weekends for years at a time for our safety. They tell us there will be a need for emergency repairs so certain lines will be shut or shuffled with little warning. They tell us they still need time to clean up four years after Sandy.

Do they?

This report really shines a light on the fact just about every claim the Port Authority and PATH makes about why they close tunnels on certain lines for arbitrary amounts of times can be called into question. NO, The Port Authority do NOT get the benefit of the doubt that their claims have to be believed. Bridgegate, all their credibility lost right there. The fact the P.A. hands out your tax money in overtime pay to these slug-a-beds like Halloween candy should make everyone all the more upset. Only an independent forensic accounting of these layabouts will do.

We don't really do endorsements here but think about Port Authority appointees and who makes them in next year's governor's race New Jersey.


Anonymous said...

Panynj is a federal agency. Bob Menendez woul have expressed outrage, but he is too busy doing ot himself by entertaining hookers in Paris at melgen's expense.

Johnny Action Space Punk said...

It's disgusting on so many levels. Like somehow those involved look around, actually shrug, and ask themselves why people would ever question how they do business. Menendez could do a whole lot more on this. He's just a shrugger.