Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Mayor Fulop now has one official, if not unexpected challenger

Former Healy corporation counsel for nearly a decade, Bill Matsikoudis has announced he will be challenging Mayor Steve Fulop in next November's mayoral election. Matsikoudis has set out his issues with Fulop's choices and administration:

Some of the criticisms Matsikoudis hurls at City Hall in the video center around the very issues that propelled Fulop into office in May 2013, when Fulop unseated Healy. Matsikoudis says the city suffers from violent crime, neglected neighborhoods and a city government "bloated with patronage," all jabs Fulop once made about the Healy administration.

Johnny's quick analysis is that while there might be a few unions and Healy fans still out there it won't be enough to get Matsikoudis past Fulop even in this "throw them out at any cost" mentality sweeping America. Fulop could be beaten by the right candidate, Matsikoudis' points aren't all that wrong, you read about these issues here time and time again. His connection to the sleaze of the Healy Administration won't help him. At this point that out of the blue big change challenger might as well be Johnny, a loud, brash kind of guy who has definite ideas. Who is that person in Jersey City and do they want to run? So far, nobody.

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