Sunday, November 13, 2016

Jets football Gameday!

Yes, just the Jets today. The Giants play on Monday soooooooooooo fuck them.

The future is here Jets fans, Bryce Petty, the second year phenom out of that dirty school of Baylor, is the new starting QB. With Ryan Fitzpatrick out with an injury it's Petty's start today vs the Rams over at the New Meadowlands at 1pm. Of course should Petty stink or get hurt the new NEW future arrives in the form of former Penn State QB Christian Hackenberg. Either way both look better than the god-awful idea the Rams had to draft Jared Goff who according to reports out of Los Angeles say he's just not good.

This is a hard game to get a prediction grip on as there are reports nobody's happy in LA and also there are reports all is not well in Jets-World as there are rumors of discipline issues coming tot he fore. Here's what Johnny will base his pick on. Todd Gurley was supposed to lead a battering Rams (heh heh) running game after last season's huge success but Gurley has no 100 yard rushing games this year. While the Jets have missing pieces up front they are still 4th against the run in the NFL We just do not see Case Keenum lighting up the Jets secondary in a way a top-flight QB might do even with lesser receivers.

The Jets simply need to play great positional football, stay away from stupid penalties ie early starts, offside, too many men, etc. They can't screw up special teams like last week. Can't happen. If the Jets follow these easy to follow Johnny rules they're going to get that 4th win of the year:

Fearless Forecast:
New Jersey Jets 21
Los Angeles for the time being Rams 10

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