Saturday, December 17, 2016


Johnny has seen probably close to 200 concerts in his lifetime. No kidding. Big clubs, stadiums, tiny hole-in-the-wall joints, he's seen everyone he's wanted to sans the Sex Pistols which most likely isn't happening any time soon and for whatever reason Pat Benatar. Seeing her so far has eluded Johnny over dates or cities, the gyroscope won't settle. He knows that Pat Benatar and Neil Geraldo still tour together and by all accounts it's a fabulous show. Johnny loves them both so much and has since he first heard Ms. Benatar's voice back when. One of those voices that simply grabs you, stops you and shakes you.

So, until Johnny can work out the particulars in seeing them, Here's Pat Benatar (and Neil Geraldo on that snarling gee-tar) with an early hit, 'Out-A-Touch' kicking off the party tonight.

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