Thursday, December 1, 2016

Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno proving she knows as much about the economy as her boss

First, before the idea gets away from Johnny; New Jersey Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno on her website aimed at a run for governor next year says New Jersey needs to create a more friendly environment for business. Um, again, check with your boss on that if you're having issues with how business gets done here after TEN credit downgrades on Chris Christie's watch. Perhaps you've met him.

Now, when Guadagno said yesterday that if New Jersey were to implement a $15 minimum wage we'd be forced to pump our own gas, for sure. Are we to live like savages? What kind of nation makes the citizenry pump their own gas? Yeah, every state but Oregon and here. If someone can make more money if Johnny has to pump his own gas, the line forms behind him. If Guadago understood the economy she'd know that someone getting a nice bump per hour isn't going to be setting up an eTrade account, that money will be going immediately back into the economy with a cell phone upgrade, maybe one more dinner out, a new laptop, a few extra credit hours, a better car and diapers ain't getting any cheaper. All things that help New Jersey's economy right NOW. What would happen to the local economy if suddenly thousands of people started buying these things? There you go.

Trust Johnny, getting your own gas isn't that bad and it's much quicker with one less middleman between your credit card and your bank. Tell Lt. Guadagno you're happy to pump your own gas if our friends and neighbors can get a real wage in today's world where there's always money for more abatements for Trump developments and bank bailouts, and auto company rescues.

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