Sunday, December 4, 2016

Late night open thread

Championship Saturday brings about the last Saturday Night Scoreboard Show of the year. Too bad as Johnny really looks forward to putting it on each week and gets some of his best reader numbers.

Alabama 54
Florida 16
There will be three other teams in the playoff beside Alabama. They will all be heavy underdogs

Western Michigan 29
Ohio 23
The Broncos put the finishing touches on a 13-0 record this year and almost assuredly a date in the Cotton Bowl unless Navy could win their last two games, which brings us to:

Temple 34
Navy 10
Nope, party on in Kalamazoo

West Virginia 24
Baylor 21
Any day Baylor loses is a good day. They are a trash program, which brings us to:

Penn State 38
Wisconsin 31
The B1G honor is further dragged through the mud by Penn State's season. A disgraceful program with a big win does kinda make Ohio State look like a turd in a punch bowl though. The smaller schools like WMU, Boise St., Navy et al to play in a big bowl MUST win their conference championship. For the power conferences to make the four team playoff it's only strongly suggested. Penn State beat Ohio State and won their division AND the B1G title game. OSU didn't do either. If it was any other school other than Penn State Johnny would be screaming to keep the Buckeyes out

Washington 41
Colorado 10
Washington plays late and Johnny is old and has roosters to milk in the barn at dawn so he doesn't know that much about them but if it keeps Penn State and or Michigan out of the playoff, Go Huskies

Oklahoma 38
Oklahoma State 20
We have some lovely parting gifts for two teams who had playoff hopes at one point this year

Wofford 17
The Citadel 3
Wofford upset The Citadel in the 1-AA playoffs and no, Johnny did not wear his Wofford shirt today for those scoring at home

Clemson 42
Virginia Tech 35
Clemson vs the turds in the Punchbowl in the playoff nightcap

The Jersey City Desk Game of the Week®
South Dakota State 10
Villanova 7
In the 1-AA playoffs the Jackrabbits got a field goal from Chase Vinatieri, nephew of NFL kicking legend Adam Vinatieri, with 1:41 left to get power up and win the game. For his efforts and their win, hell and since it's the last Scoreboard Show of the season, ALL the Jackrabbits can loot and pillage Brookings, SD for the next 24 hours

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

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