Monday, December 26, 2016

The Port Authority Police Benevolent Association thinks their cops sleeping are keeping you safe

Johnny was going to do a write up on the fact the NY Post's video story of Port Authority/PATH cops who were sleeping away large chunks of their shifts had now become a FEDERAL investigation. It has and we'd hope you'd go read all about how your money is being spent and how your safety is being put at risk by Port Authority cops. Then he got to the end of the article and Red Forman came to mind.

According to the Port Authority Police Benevolent Association this sleeping on the job en masse (44 cases) is no big deal because crime on PATH is down which to them (Specious reasoning alert) means the investigation is overblown, these guys are doing a great job:

A spokesman for the Port Authority Police Benevolent Association told NJ Advance Media that the agency's low crime rates at PATH stations is proof the officers were doing their jobs.

"The PAPD is doing its job to keep our patrons safe, contrary to the Port Authority's attacks," the spokesman said. 

Incredible. Forget for one second it only takes one small window of success for a terrorist to get his job done. One small window where someone isn't where they are supposed to be. One time. One missed assignment. Secondly, what horseshit. Do your fucking job. Sleeping? Playing cards? Video games? Bzzzzt unacceptable. Maybe, and this may be hard for the PAPBA to understand, maybe people just respect the train. Maybe they have more things going on in their own lives than to rob and pilfer the PATH system.

Proof jobs are getting done while sleeping. Time for one last Red Forman dumbass award for 2016.

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