Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Johnny was reminded of an old Rodney Dangerfield joke reading this story

"My old man, he was quite the drinker you know? One day he saw a billboard that said 'Drink Canada Dry' so he went there."

Abel Parra Pena must realllly like Canada Dry and their fine line of beverages. Over a span of a few months, Pena supposedly admitted to somehow keeping some 3,239 cans of Canada Dry products, products he was supposed to be delivering to the Shop Rite on Marin Blvd:

A loss prevention officer for ShopRite found a $20,000 discrepancy in the company's orders from Canada Dry. Both companies held a meeting at the Metro Plaza location and called in Parra Pena, who regularly delivers to ShopRite, police said.

Either Canada Dry moves like Tide on the black market or again, Mr. Pena really loves this stuff. We all have our vices.

Canada Dry, America's first family of beverages.

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