Sunday, April 9, 2017

What a melancholy Sunday

It's gorgeous out there friends, Johnny's been to breakfast with Mrs. Johnny, out on dire wolf walks and yet he's still thinking about missing Joe Louis Arena after this afternoon's tilt with the New Jersey Six. So many GREAT memories there for Johnny. Atheist Johnny used to cross himself and point at the giant picture of the Production Line just inside the Gordie Howe entrance when he passed in and out of JLA. He was talking to the Hockey Gods, not the Sunday school one. He almost hit Sergei Fedorov with his hat the night #91 scored a hat trick. Chris Chelios carried Johnny's unique hat on the end of his stick the day Martin Lapointe scored a hat trick on Johnny's birthday. He took his friend Kevin to a Wings playoff game in 2008 vs Nashville and Darren McCarty scored 2 minutes in for him. Before the netting he remembers sitting six rows above the glass behind the Wings net and ducking (along with everyone else) when Al MacInnis would wind up for a 100+ mph slapshot. Johnny remembers drinking with friends and players at The Post nearby JLA til all hours, hitting the coney island and leaving downtown Detroit as those who were coming downtown to help run the Detroit Thanksgiving Day Parade were just arriving.


The new place will be a dream but it won't be "home."

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