Friday, April 7, 2017

The rumors are true, it's a Friday News Roundup

And of course that rumor was started by Johnny last night.

*Saint Peter's had a celebration yesterday for the CIT title won last week. A great story. The city should have thrown a parade.

*Despite flirting with the idea, Ward C councilman Richard Boggiano will not be joining the Fulop ticket and will run as an independent. Will Fulop decide to get someone on his team to run against Boggiano, a critic of his administration? Bet on it. Nidia Lopez is coming north!

*The scene outside of Dickinson High School was disturbing, awful and the powers that be better make sure this hideous crap does not happen again. Also, the kids who showed so little self-respect need to look into a mirror.

*A public shaming and a cake that now goes down in Jersey City political history have finally gotten Mayor Fulop to commit actual cash money to schools from the long-term PILOT abatements. Abatement Cake got schools funded, got shit done.

*Ward D Councilman Michael Yun has decided against a mayoral run but is trying to assemble a ticket to take away Mayor Fulop's council majority.

*Finally, on the lighter side, Jersey City is now filling potholes in Bayonne. Make sure you send 'em a bill DPW.

Be mindful to come back for the Music Series tonight.

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