Monday, April 17, 2017

The Mayor needs to understand the sound bite better

The mayor was on TV discussing the awful murder of Jimmy Gregory and shooting of a young girl on Easter. The mayor, too often defensive right off the hop did it again. He made a comment that the problem was too many kids had guns and that they then used them on each other, it bordered on that Captain Obvious ad character. No, it's deeper, it's much deeper. Yes, kids with guns is a big issue, thinking they are immortals and using them on each other for so little is worse. Refusing to cooperate is the biggest problem police have in solving crimes. These are all true statements but we have to look deeper and find the real issues that make what the morons do look acceptable. How do we make them look like the dead-enders with no future and no way out and are to be shunned; that would seem the place to start.

Take some of this magically performing city budget money and build a couple new community centers in Greenville. Put a couple others where your stats tell you a lot of kids get into trouble with idling crimes. Show them they still matter for God's sake. Show kids there's a safe place they can go to and better themselves.

Once kids get the guns we've all more than failed.

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