Thursday, May 6, 2010

News from the world of White Trash TeeVee

A federal racketeering charge against MTV is being allowed to go forward after the luddites who star in the show 'Jersey Shore' (Where the kids are from Lawng Eyelund and film in Miami) attacked a man during filming last summer. Actually, the brain-dead cast members have been involved in several alleged assaults. MTV producers would never encourage such violent behavior for ratings and to add some spice to the otherwise unwatchable mess that is 'Jersey Shore' would they?

Kenneth Hoffman who was in the same bar that the show was being filmed in was taunted and then viciously attacked by cast member by Paul Delvecchio all while being held immobile by bouncers/security of the Bamboo Bar in Seaside Heights. The beating was so severe that Hoffman required surgery to his spine. Hoffman's attorney in this case, John Novak, had this to say:

“Ocean County residents should not be used as props for this production company’s profits and ratings. [Hoffman] was savagely victimized and sustained permanent injuries as a direct result of the defendants’ continuing course of profit-motivated criminal conduct.” (Hence the racketeering allegation.)

In yet another case of the male cast members acting like troglodytes, On Friday, a Superior Court judge in Toms River allowed RICO and assault claims to stand in two other lawsuits filed by three people who also say they were attacked by a “Jersey Shore” castmate (Ronnie Magro, who still faces felony aggravated assault charges in one of the cases.)

Makes you long for the day when the worst thing on MTV was a Rick Springfield video.


Jim McKee said...

Your last sentence says it all... MTV went into the toilet when they wandered away from their core business... MUSIC VIDEOS.

I never watch them, or their sister network, VH1. Same reason. They've forgotten what they're supposed to be about. Kind of like if CNN were to start showing soap operas and comedies.

Johnny Action Space Punk said...

I just don't even know why they don't just change the name of the network. MTV means nothing to what it did. They at least even used to have interesting interviews or guest VJ's. Now everything on TV heads straight for the lowest common denominator.

That's a question I've long wondered about this trash TV and if it's being watched or being sold. By that I mean it was cheap cheap cheap to put the OJ Trial on television everyday. A couple set cameras and a host at a remote. Cheap, easy quick and salacious. And because it was the only thing being offered on TV at that time the ratings were huge to which the networks parroted how much people really wanted to watch this trial. Did they really want to or was it simply the only thing on so if the TV was on it was so-called ratings points?