Wednesday, October 20, 2010


The New York Public Libarry is having a discussion forum with Mr. Keith Richards on October 29th. Unfortunately a company calling itself ShowClix is "handling" the ticket sales. The regular tickets are not on sale yet but tickets to friends of the NY Public Libarry (of which Johnny and Mrs. Johnny are) were supposed to be available today.

This is where the ShowClix EPIC FAIL comes into play. First off since their website kept coming back 503 and unavailable all Johnny could do was keep trying through his Firefox or Safari browsers which he did. Oh did he. Again and again he tried only instead of when he entered information the website always simply took him back to the event site. Yes, Johnny saw that, it's why he wanted tickets. Big time failure for ShowClix's website. Unavailable to unreliable in ten minutes (In fact Johnny spent 50 minutes trying to get the website to work as it should have and NEVER DID get tickets to this event). Then there was the long long long wait (over a half hour) where NOBODY came on the line. Only a recording saying they suddenly had more call volume than they knew what to do with (Well run company there ShowClix) as well as a message begging those on hold to talk up ShowClix on Facebook and other social media.

So, Johnny IS talking about ShowClix in the social media. They make you wish the event was done by TicketMaster and that's REALLY pathetic. Any time you the consumer wish an event was being done by TicketMaster, it's a sad day.

So citizens, the next time you see an event is being run by ShowClix, walk, don't run away from it. ShowClix lists (in their metatags are what bring up their name when you do a Google or Yahoo! search) the following terms in their metatags:

" office solutions, web ticket sales, web-based ticketing, online event registration, ticketmaster alternative, fair ticketing fund, showclix, showclicks, show clix, show clicks"

Well, we're adding another metatag for ShowClix....EPIC FAIL


Jim McKee said...

Many web sites are optimized for Internet Explorer. I don't like it, and certainly don't agree with the practice, but it's true.

Johnny Action Space Punk said...

It's a horrid business model if that's the case....

Anonymous said...

Trying to buy tickets for the Kraftwerk show at the MoMA was a disaster. Server disconnects, never got through.

Absolute joke.

ShowClix, you SUCK!!!!