Tuesday, October 26, 2010

So Johnny got a press release from a Teabagger...

...and there's nothing Johnny detests more than a lack of fancy book learnin' being outright celebrated so sit back and enjoy readers...

Dear Anthony Zanowic (candidate for NJ's 13th congressional district),

While we here at the Jersey City Desk love getting email from our readers, and yes we will act on press releases we think might move the local discussion along, we're not a mouthpiece for your extremist views either. Yes, Johnny thinks the Tea Party is nothing more than (Republican) anger with zero solutions behind it. Everything is Obama's fault (And it was the last guy who dropped America into a second depression, not the black guy, let's get that straight Tea Party), and the way to all encompassing prosperity isn't more tax cuts for the wealthy while cutting education. That's not what fueled the economic boom times of the 90's now was it?

Mr. Zanowic, Americans and especially people in NJ-13 need jobs. Jobs and jobs and jobs and yet your press release sent to the Jersey City Desk was nothing but faux right-wing outrage over poor Juan Williams getting sacked from NPR. How many jobs will this trumped up news story create? Exactly.

Know what else Johnny detests about the Teapublican movement? They deny science. After being presented with science fact they merely claim that God hasn't weighed in on that particular topic yet. Sorry, this immediately disqualifies a candidate in the Jersey City Desk's viewpoint. Science is science and denying it makes you look like a troglodyte.

So, Mr. Zanowic, next time have your staff or whomever sends out your press releases do a little research on whom you are sending it to.

Oh, and if you wanted to be the GOP candidate so badly maybe you should have won the primary.