Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Jersey City Desk would like to welcome The Powerhouse Lounge to town

Taking over the old Rascals location on Marin Blvd. between First St. and Bay St., the new Powerhouse Lounge is open to the public. The bar hopes to be a neighborhood friendly kind of place. How best to do that? Well besides the grub and libations in this cozy neighborhood setting, the Powerhouse Lounge is going to offer patrons rides both to and from the Lounge. Now THAT is forward thinking kids. A ride to and from the bar from the downtown area? That's crescent fresh.

The dress code at the Powerhouse Lounge is listed at 'neat' which will probably be a good fit for the professional crowd on their way to and from the Grove St. PATH station and some of those Powerhouse Arts District eclectic peeps the Jersey City Desk staffers love to hang out with when socializing downtown.

The menu can be found HERE so take a look and no doubt Johnny will see you in there at some point. Just keep your hands and feet away from his mouth.


Anonymous said...

Cool, it sounds like the kind of place sorely lacking near the JC PATH stops, a cool after work hangout.

Johnny Action Space Punk said...

It really does fill that very need anonymous, point well taken.