Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Jersey City is a lot of things but now it's the new home to ambulance-jacking?

It seems Cateret's Rodolfo Velez wanted to get ahead of the car-theft curve recently and wanted to also start a new trend when he attacked two EMT's while riding between hospitals in an ambulance.

Velez was being transported between a hospital and the Jersey City Medical Center when he pulled out a stick that had an ice pick attached somehow and began attacking the EMT in the back of the vehicle. The EMT's partner was having none of this so he got out to assist his partner. Velez then broke through into the cab of the ambulance and took off. Both EMT's found themselves stranded at the corner of Palisade Avenue and Congress Street.

The ambulance was found some 10 blocks away, in the lot of a public laundry at Kennedy Boulevard and South Street, crashed into a parked car and leaning against a fence.

Velez, when located, will be charged with carjacking, weapons possession and aggravated assault on an emergency first-aider.

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Anonymous said...

how is this considered ambulance jacking??? the person obviously wasnt in the right state of mind!! (you failed to mention that) Why is it that people never fail to talk about the wrong information. Those EMT idiots should have handled this differently, like maybe... strapping the patient!!Idiots!!! Thats a perfect example on how people become really lazy and very comfortable with their job duties. They fail to secure the safety of others, let alone themselves! Theres alot of wrong information in this article its actually hilarious, you really DO MAKE THIS STUFF UP!!!!