Saturday, May 26, 2012

Just watching this guy on video doing his job gave Johnny the heebies

Tom Gordon, you'd probably see him on the train or at a show or on the street and never think twice. Yet what an amazing story this guy has to tell. A very unique skillset being applied to very unique dangers.

Johnny's a wuss, no way he could do harrowing let alone precise every day like Mr. Gordon:

As 1 World Trade Center steadily climbs above the Manhattan skyline, hopefully becoming the country's tallest building, about 200 crane operators continue their work completing one of the most important architectural feats in recent history.

Among the brave 200 is Tom Gordon, a 45-year old veteran of the sky, who begins his workdays at roughly 3:30 AM in Long Island to commute to Lower Manhattan in order to get the monumental job done one day at a time.

Watch the video, hoo golly that's quite a view.

Being up that high reminds Johnny of an old joke about bad sports seats. "My seats were so bad I turned to the guy next to me and asked him what he thought of the game. He said "What game, I'm flying to Pittsburgh."


M said...

Wow! Yeah, there's no way you'd get me up there. very cool, though... thought of you guys tonight, was cooking, broke out a Patty Griffin CD. :)

Johnny Action Space Punk said...

Yes, and to be considered an elite crane operator, he must really be the quill. Ah Patty Griffin, perfect for a warm holiday over good food! Perfect choice. I hope all is well with you too!