Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Don't be late tonight, we have something serious to do as a city

At 8pm in the Newark pedestrian area (Grove and Newark) we as a city will stand up to stupidity and guns as we try and take some of the hurt from Orlando and put it on our shoulders.

While Johnny has long and PROUDLY stood with the LGBT community and can't begin to fathom their hurt, he's done worrying (not caring, there is a difference) about if the place that was shot up was a gay nightclub, a school, a college, or a workplace. He's done with the automatic weapons. Johnny understands the Second Amendment quite well thank you, he grew up hunting from time to time in Michigan on his grandpa's property. Small game, deer etc. He's not anti-hunting weapon, he's anti-handgun and assault rifle. The NRA anymore is about helping companies sell guns and not representing sportsmen and outdoors types. FUCK THE NRA.

The event begins at 8pm tonight and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE turn out. Johnny, broken body and all right now will, here's hoping you can too.

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