Monday, June 13, 2016

More squabbling over casinos between north Jersey and south Jersey

A group of south New Jersey interests are trying to keep north New Jersey from getting casinos (you can already gamble your brains out on your smartphone app or ipad app already) and have raised money and a stink in trying to keep their share of the pie. There's a great article today on the forces marshaling down south to defeat any plan for casinos up north.

Once again Johnny will say that you can build the greatest casino that ever was with golden fountains and silver elevator cars but the minute one opens in nay borough other than Staten Island, it'll be closed within the year. NYC opens a casino, the north Jersey one just closed.


Anonymous said...

Who profits from casino? House always wins. 95% to be exact. While the public has to pay for all the necessities, such as roads maintenance.

Johnny Action Space Punk said...

Exactly anonymous. Well put! They keep the revenues, plus parking and we give them abatements. No way!