Thursday, June 9, 2016

Hey The Morgan, what kind of place you running there?

Johnny has first hand confirmation that if you don't want to pay going hotel rates in downtown Jersey City, you can call The Morgan, Toll Brothers abortion of a building (remember, they themselves slagged the design in a PADNA meeting) downtown and they will rent you, via AirBNB or similar program a room to let. Now, the Morgan is in the business of renting, long term leases, we don't think there was anything in the reading of their abatement language that allows them to turn their place into a de-facto hotel.

Johnny also heard this morning from a source in the building with knowledge of the situation The Morgan, nee Toll Brothers, appear to have rented entire floors out to corporate room finders for short-term stays. We understand from sources The Morgan isn't renting units as fast as they had hoped so it would appear, according to the stories, they have decided to perhaps skirt local hotelier laws and no doubt Marriot and Hilton would be interested in such actions.

Toll Brothers, a bad part of Jersey City.

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