Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The next time Mayor Fulop or Public Safety Director Shea say they're doing everything they can... stop this shooting gallery and long hot summer that started early in Jersey City, and that they are doing EVERYTHING in their power to get a handle on the violence and stop it you can look them in the eye and say, "No, you're not."

Take cops off of construction sites and have them answer tip lines or do SOMETHING, ANYTHING constructive. We don't need (and Mayor Fulop even said so as he ran for mayor, he was going to replace cops at construction sites with trained citizen guards, WHY did he abandon these set in stone plans?) cops standing around from 8 until 3 taking developer money. We need the PD overtime more than your jobsite needs a nanny.

Yes, Johnny has actually heard uniformed JCPD offers pitch their services to stand around and help with traffic to Toll Brothers site foremen. A 20 second snippet one day was utterly hilarious in describing the apocalypse that could befall the job site without a cop around it, like a vandal. Now, the cops don't stand there at night and the idea that a whole bunch of workers wouldn't see a vandal on their site in broad daylight and club him or her to death with tools is absurd. Also, no citizen could possibly wave two cars around a stopped truck, that takes training. Cop training apparently, right mayor?

So, next time they issue a press release through Jennifer Morrill, or post something on Facebook about how no resources are being spared, point them back here and say, "Oh yes there are, lots of them."

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