Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Jersey City PD standing around construction sites is a great success; NO buildings have been shot

Unfortunately for Jersey City, more citizens HAVE been shot lately so oh those lucky buildings!

It makes NO goddamn sense does it? Why these guys are standing around a construction site while the city bleeds nightly, and now more disturbingly, daily. No way the city HAS to let these cops stand around. They could be doing something, anything to help. Track down leads or tips, man a phone line, get in a car and drive around the neighborhoods for god's sake. We have all this developer money, how about spending it on something useful and tangible? Mayor Fulop we get so little say over the tax abatements and where the PILOT money goes and you and our so-called leaders can't then have the common sense to up the patrols and pull these cops off the overtime gravy train? Priorities always reveal themselves mayor, they always do.

Johnny defies the JCPD or city officials to give us a time a cop at a construction site did something OTHER than maybe direct a truck in once every 3 hours, play Doodle Jump on their iPhones or just get back in their cars and go to fucking sleep. When have they caught a criminal? When have they been following up on shooting cases or adding something, anything, to the cause?

It's pretty sad when the citizens of Jersey City are begging for help far and wide to what is becoming the dreaded long hot summer and seeing so many resources by those in charge of the JCPD and city hall simply squandered. Come on Mayor Fulop, tell us something on Facebook then go back to running for Governor. Yet another reason this city needs to keep Jersey City elections on a special Jersey City day, in May, as that might be the only thing that gets through to our MIA mayor in all this. Til that happens folks he's checked out.


Anonymous said...

What I understand, they are part of rent a cop program. They are private contractors disguised in police uniform charging $420 per gig.
Contractors are required to rent a cop who is on his own time, off clock, or else, get no permit from the city. Yes, it is called extortion by federal laws. You deserve city government you have.

Anonymous said...

Correction: these rent a cop guys are subcontractors to construction contractors. They get paid privately for picking nose and texting for 8 hours while using police uniform. Legally, they are NOT cops during that time. Only in emergency, they are officially dispatched.