Thursday, June 2, 2016

Jersey City taxpayers again on the hook for Mayor Fulop's miscalculations

The cost to Jersey CIity taxpayers for the loss of the court case against Realty Appraisal just increased by $115,000 because once again the mayor didn't understand how the reval worked or he was simply stalling for no good legal reason in order to protect his donor class downtown.

Hudson County Superior Court Judge Francis B. Schultz had earlier awarded Realty Appraisal almost a million dollars in the original case:

Schultz awarded $984,511 to Realty Appraisal in April when he ruled that Jersey City acted in bad faith when it backed out of a $3.2 million contract the West New York firm was awarded in 2011 to conduct the long-stalled citywide property revaluation. Mayor Steve Fulop halted all work on the reval when he was elected mayor in 2013 and stopped paying the firm.

Do remember this waste of over $100K when the Fulop Administration begs you to move the elections to November from May (When Jersey City gets a say on strictly Jersey City business) so he can lose in the governor's run and still run for mayor again in 2017, you know, change the law for one person. What's that you say? It'll save money according to the mayor's office? Well he just pissed more than the savings away because he's in over his head. That argument stops NOW.

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