Friday, October 13, 2017


Johnny fell in love when he was a young lad, the night before Thanksgiving at his cousin Cindy's apartment. Johnny always looked up to Cindy because she was the hip, cool older family role model he didn't have elsewhere who just loved music. Johnny and his sisters got dropped off at Cindy's (and other relatives slept over too) and she'd ferry the whole mess to downtown Detroit the next morning to hook up with the rest of the family at the parade. While the youngers played games, Johnny hung out with the olders and it was that night when Cindy put on Carole King's Tapestry he fell in love. That voice, the piano, the lyrics, WOW, epiphany. Of course Tapestry would finish in the top ten of The 150 Greatest Albums Made By Women, and Johnny's just as much in love as he was that snowy November night so long ago. 'I Feel the Earth Move' live tonight, making your ears all happy and stuff.

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