Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Jersey City Desk victory for JC taxpayers

When we're right, and we were, we're going to crow. Johnny has pointed out since the implementation, this particular EV car charging station was (a lot of the currently never-used EV spots will go back to people who can thankfully use them) an abatement "give back" looking for a place to be shoved in. This bank of chargers on First St. was one of the worst places for it, its not near any road spur, and it became quite clear, (and we're re-running the article that may have been the tipping point for JC hearing enough from the Jersey City Desk making sense) this was embarrassing. The city obviously felt we have to do something. Here is that article so all our readers can look back with Johnny and see what right looks like. It was a poor choice, and obvious poor choice by so many in JC government.

So, something they will finally do, the city council tonight votes on 16 charging stations around town, located more by road spurs and popular roadways, not buried inside tiny neighborhoods. Ron Zeitlinger with the info on the new program can be found here.

Like the four candidates for Ward E said last night, the abatement system is broken and it's badly broken. The EV's outside the Oakman for Shuster show broken on steroids.

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