Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Right on time, that D+ JCPD showing itself in our B+ city -- UPDATE

Police in Jersey City (And elsewhere) really do think they are a special breed. There aren't many people who haven't seen a cop run his lights to get through a long red light and then magically, once through, the lights go off. Since nobody will ever say anything to cops they simply do what they want when they want. This morning apparently there was some big pow-wow between someone at Toll Brothers and several JCPD officers going inside, getting a tour, talking stand around jobs, who knows. Lots of JCPD brass at Toll on Bay St. That sets things up.

So into the neighborhood the police vehicles come, almost all of them parking where anyone with an ounce of self-awareness might, in a row where there is no parking on one side of the street thanks to Parking Authority fliers. Copacetic. There was one however, in one of those shiny new Ford SUV's (maybe one of the ones taken away by the mayor after the wild west shootout that ended with JCPD kicking an accident victim on fire) who acted like he was in charge and who parked in the most ridiculous spot one could imagine, blocking the ONLY route E-W on Bay St at Provost. Here's our hero's parking job:

See that empty space behind the vehicle? What you also cannot see is the copious parking on the right side of the street or behind Johnny. Nope, not this guy, pull up and jump out. What's the problem and where does the sheer ignorance kick in? Here you go:

That's just the FIRST woman Johnny saw having to have a friendly passerby to help LIFT The baby carriages around the police vehicle. They had to lift the strollers around the police vehicle on the only goat path available to residents at that point. Awesome!

So Johnny went asking around of the police standing around the Toll property who's vehicle it was and isn't that kind of an ignorant place to park it. It was at this moment Johnny knew who parked it, the word ignorant set off one of the cops (pictured below) and he immediately tried defending the parking job. Johnny kept after him after his continued lame defense the truck wasn't blocking anything, in that we as residents/taxpayers should have to put up with, well, ignorance and laziness. Johnny was simply having none of it. He explained to everyone on the veranda outside the Warehouse Cafe that indeed you Mr. Officer can park anywhere being an emergency vehicle and you CHOSE that spot. That's just ignorant. It was very nice of Officer Parkjob to turn back for his picture to be taken. So down the veranda Johnny and the cop in the street went. The more people who gathered the meeker the cop became as, he was in the wrong and it was quite apparent why. Get your head right or yes, Johnny is gonna earhole you and he's simply not afraid to say something.

The way you get a better world is, you don't put up with substandard anything.
 -- Joe Strummer

UPDATE 10:06AM -- The reason for the huge police presence and the detectives and what not are that the Toll Brothers job site, so poorly locked down each night, with gaping holes in chained fences and not much elsewhere, had a bundle of materials stolen. Big surprise. No cameras, no security, just bad fencing. All that money and no security on their site. Tell that to the insurance company.

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