Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Once again, Jersey City is a B+ city with a D+ police force

Oh those crooksters at the JCPD, with so many of the cops busted in the federal tax evasion stand around job fiasco being vets of the force, hey, the kids gotta break rules and live where they're not allowed and take away from the less fortunate if they want to fit in at the JCPD don't they?

Two noob JCPD officers have been found out by Jersey Journal reporter par-excellence to be living in subsidized housing in Newport. When contacted by Terrence T. McDonald for comment that he was basically found out, know what JCPD hero Joseph Connors Jr. thought about first? Himself. Not the fact he was improperly (illegally?) living in subsidized housing, (And officer Francesca Zappella was detected as being a bad actor) no his first question back to McDonald was who told on him.

Truly disgraceful to pull something as awful as this but hey, Jersey City Police Department. Much more on this story including what LeFrak & Newport plan on doing about it at this link here.

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