Monday, August 17, 2009

A couple pretty severe customer service issues to pass along

We've got Verizon violence and legal sleaze here at the Jersey City Desk tonight.

First, the story of a Verizon "customer service" rep in Queens who beat a customer bloody, choked him, and chased him down the stairs when the customer broke free and bolted. The most incredible part? Verizon will be taking no action against the rep. You can read the sad story here. He's a good looking feller.

Secondly, a Newark law firm placed a 'contact us' flyer on the windshield of a sexual assault victim's car apparently to drum up some business. A woman known only as "K.D." in court papers, as victims of sexual assault are not publicly outed, got a flyer from Fred Zemel’s Newark law firm offering their services if you were a victim of “rape and assault in your building or apartment.” Now, Zemel's firm says they didn't specifically target the victim, they said they were just putting flyers on cars as they sometimes do. Not so said victim "K.D.", she said hers was the ONLY car with a flyer on it. Wow, stay classy Fred.


Trixie Junior Space Punk said...

Appalling stories, both of them. That poor rape victim now feels victimized all over again. There should be sanctions against that firm from the American Bar Association and New Jersey Bar Association. True scum.

Johnny Action Space Punk said...