Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dear Governor Corzine

Since you live just a few blocks up as the crow flies as a resident of Hoboken, maybe you can help. Your neighbors in Jersey City are suffering. We're suffering under the weight of some pretty corrupt bastards running the show here. As you are certainly aware quite a few members of the Jersey City political machine were arrested and also implicated in the FBI sting last month. It obviously goes right up to the mayor's office here and as high in City Council as its president. Now, we know you took an active public interest in Peter Cammarano's situation in Hoboken. Right away you came out and said you were very much against what he stood for and had done and publicly urged him to step down. You used your bully-pulpit to speak out against graft in Hoboken so here's our question.

Why can't you do the same thing to Jersey City?

As governor, you represent ALL the people in ALL the cities, town, villages, townships, bywaters and even those living under bridges and in cars. Why are you so deafly silent on the CRISIS here in Jersey City? Certainly you're not afraid to take on Mayor Healy just because he'll help turn out thousands of votes in the election as a Hudson County Democratic Party big wig are you? If you can use your bully-pulpit to specifically to call out corrupt officials by name in Hoboken you can certainly do it in Jersey City. We not only want you to, we expect you to. If you won't stand up to graft and stand up for us in a time of crisis can you give us one good reason why we should stand up for you in November?


Trixie Junior Space Punk said...

My guess? Someone in JC has pics of the gov nekkid.

Johnny Action Space Punk said...

You almost wonder. I think he's afraid if he takes on Healy, then Healy won't work to deliver all the Democratic votes sitting here in Hudson County. It sure looks like Corzine is willing to trade any REAL heat on Healy and Vega for November votes and that's sad.