Monday, April 12, 2010

Dear Dweeb who thinks they somehow own the Jersey City Wikipedia website...

Are YOU the one who thinks they can decide which blogs or social media sites qualify to be included? Johnny very respectfully added the Jesey City Desk after the Jersey City Independent, a blog which we link to, and yet Skippy the Wikipedia Dweeb took down the Jersey City Desk reference. Does this site not comment on exactly what Johnny said it did on Wiki? 'A Local blog that comments on local politics, community activities and sports'. Is this misrepresented? Hardly.

Some of you Wikipedia dorks need to realize the true idea behind it is that everyone can access it and make factual changes. It's not just the personal fifedom of some kid who lives in his parent's basement with an American flag where curtains should be. We're going to perfect this posting one more time and add it again. If Johnny has issues with someone deleting his info, woe be to the entire Jersey City page. Ask Trixie here the havoc one Johnny Action Space Punk can wreak upon website after website should he get the urge.


Trixie Junior Space Punk said...

Your site is as legitimate as any other, Johnny, and how lame to have it deleted! Did they check this site out? I would argue no. Ridiculous. Johnny's got his finger on the pulse of Jersey City - praising where it's due and calling out the crap when it happens. Unleash the Kraken!

Johnny Action Space Punk said...

If it happens again drastic measures will be taken. I'm the master Wiki troll. Once I have a legitimate addition (and other blogs are linked) and some dweeb nixes it.

Like I said, keep it up and Herman Goering will have had a summer home in Paulus Hook