Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Thanks NYPD for unleashing bad cops charged in heists on this side of the Hudson

The NYPD has a growing public relations problem. An ill trained, ill prepared "officer" of the law, who was basically grabbed out of a Foot Locker job and given one with the NYPD has been charged along with other NYPD officers in a perfume truck heist.

Officer Kelvin Jones did not undergo rigorous training to become an undercover police officer nor did he attend the NY Police Academy. He was just signed up and given a badge and told to infiltrate suspect groups. Anybody wanna guess how bad he was at his job? A source told the Huffington Post:

"And although he quickly failed in his mission because, as a source put it, "He could not be trusted," the NYPD kept him on the force."

Good stuff NYPD, really. Jones was then transferred to the 46th precinct. But this is where it really goes off the rails.

In March, Jones along with his posse (including two other officers from the 34th precinct) were arrested in Carlstadt New Jersey for the heist of hundreds of boxes of high end perfume. How did Jones know the inner workings of the warehouse? Easy, sources say he used a data base from the precinct to obtain the names, addresses and license numbers of company employees.

Niiiiice. So either the vaunted NYPD has issues in hiring good help OR they have no internal controls from precinct to precinct. Either way is shows some of the depravity the police unions claim either doesn't happen or ask why you want to run good people down over the actions of, apparently, dozens.


Trixie Junior Space Punk said...

He showed aptitude for SOME things, just not the right things... Funny how he could work out how to use a computer for no-good and not for crime prevention.

Johnny Action Space Punk said...

No kidding. If some of these guys we read about, and their work colleagues who are part and parcel of this when they say nothing, used that same lawbreaking energy for good what a wonderful world this would be.