Sunday, April 11, 2010

A very somber moment of remembrance last night in Jersey City for the tragic plane crash that killed Poland's heads of government

Of course Johnny being the newsbug he is had spent a lot of time watching the horrible news about the death of so many Polish heads of state and government near Katyn in western Russia. Imagine the horror here if half the administration and much of the military brass were killed in a plane crash. Johnny and the missus wandered down by the riverside last night after dinner as it was a spectacular evening to be out. As they got closer to Exchange Place and the Katyn monument they could see a very large crowd and hundreds if not thousands of candles on and around the monument. Crowds there, many speaking Polish or with heavy Polish accents were so very upset as they prayed and conversed and drew strength from each other. For those who may not know of the Katyn massacre where some 20,000 Polish army officer were slaughtered by Russian secret police in 1940 for now assimilating to Russian occupation, the full story can be found here.

The great irony here is that the Polish contingent was in Russia for the 7th anniversary of the Russian government even admitting it's part in the massacre. A somber remembrance turned horribly tragic.


Trixie Junior Space Punk said...

Chicago has the largest Polish population outside of Poland and has a Katyn memorial as well. There has been a great outpouring of grief here. I hope the Polish people are able to reassemble their government and heal from the terrible tragedy.

Johnny Action Space Punk said...

It truly is a sad state of events. Hopefully the Polish people can move forward from this with limited detriment to their government