Thursday, January 10, 2013

A West New York assemblywoman wants you to pass a psych test before buying a gun

West New York Assemblywoman Angelica Jimenez wanted everyone to know that she too was wading in, hip deep, in the national gun discussion. She proposed a bill that would require a person purchasing a gun to pass a psych test. And a home visit. And the names of mentally ill relatives.

Assemblywoman, we'll pass that right after the citizen initiative is passed to require the same of elected officials, hey, like you! We wouldn't want people to get elected who would crow about ridiculous shit that can't possibly be legal and doesn't help solve a very big issue, and it seems we as a nation are ready to address before The Big Bang Theory comes on teevee tonight. Your bill isn't helping your cause. By tonight it will be in an NRA fundraising letter. Real ideas are needed. Real debate awaits us.

Please be part of it.

Jersey City in fact could be proud of the far more pragmatic discussion Mayor Jerramiah Healy had on this topic on CNN. No ridiculous arm waving, no home visits, just a resolute point of view he wanted heard. Well done.

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