Friday, January 18, 2013

NYC might just be out $450 million if teachers and and city can't make a deal

What is it about the greater NY and NJ areas simply pissing education money away? Governor Christie  and his crew blew $400 million a couple years back (and of course blamed the guy in the White House and his bureaucrats facts be damned) and now it appears that NYC and the teachers union across the river could be losing $450 million over a lacking teacher evaluation plan.

The AP says no help is coming from Albany with Governor Cuomo saying the date is set:

The two sides blamed each other while Gov. Andrew Cuomo insisted a midnight Thursday deadline for a plan — required from each of the state's nearly 700 school districts — was firm.

But there is still hope for a deal and the $450 million right?

Mayor Michael Bloomberg said the union "unilaterally walked away" from negotiations early Thursday, while the United Federation of Teachers President Michael Mulgrew blamed Bloomberg for the impasse and asserted that "the intransigence of the Bloomberg administration on key issues has made it impossible to reach agreement on a new teacher evaluation system."

So there you go, negotiations. The only thing left to do is bring in Gary Bettman and lock out the kids for the next six months.

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